Raili was the most impressive intellect I worked with at Express Scripts and wonderful human being

Created by robert_fellman on 06/26/2013
I really like Raili as she was so intelligent and so warm and down to earth. I am shocked to hear of her passing as I spend many hours speaking with her about all manner of specialty drug issues at Express Scripts. Anyone who knew Raili was the richer for the experience. I think about her often and felt she was perhaps one of the two top talents I worked with Express Scripts. She must have been such a wonderful mother and spouse as she excelled in everything as far as I could tell and she was one of my favorite people who I counted as a true kindred spirit at Express Scripts - I can only imagine how much she is missed by all who knew her. - Rob Fellman, JD Ladue, MO P.S. Moxy or Sisu - she had it in spades and others with similar personality strains were drawn to her.